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Good governance starts with putting the right resources at the disposal of each company

PraxisIFM places great emphasis on the proper governance of the entities we administer. Good governance, which starts with putting the right resources, human and capital, at the disposal of each company, will ensure that compliance with all local laws is assured and benefits of double tax treaties maximised.

We advise on the composition of Boards and committees and are able to source directors and managers with the right level of experience and knowledge for each client’s particular activities. We actively monitor the operations of each entity and ensure that directors and managers meet regularly, and that such meetings are timely, properly run and minuted.

Procedures and processes for all entities are provided in accordance with their activities.

Advice on (share) capital requirements is available and monitored throughout the lifecycle of the entity.

In all cases qualified and experienced personnel can be introduced to an entity if required.

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Client Relationship Director, PraxisIFM Trust Limited
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